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Who is Helped?
Rebuilding Together provides assistance to homeowners who cannot cover the costs of needed home repairs. Usually the individuals are disabled and/or low income. However, non-profit facilities such as schools or shelters may also be selected.

How it works...
As many as 75 volunteers work on a particular project. The number mainly depends on how much work has to be done. Some companies organize teams of volunteers. Some people show up simply as individuals.

Not a New Program...
This program--previously called Christmas in April--facilitated a name change to Rebuilding Together. The seeds for the national program were planted in 1972. The program has grown every year, and now has many year-round affiliates. Rebuilding Together, Grays Harbor plans to be year-round soon.

Donating Money or Labor...
We are always looking for donations & volunteers. Please join us in our efforts!  There is no better feeling in the world than to help your neighbor.

Who We Are | Who We Help | Sponsors | Resources | Contact Us